Cedar Wing

Cedar Wing

Sunday, November 6, 2011

New Works in Bark - Art in the Woods Studio Tour - Nov 11-13

Here's a sneak preview of some new work in wild cherry bark.  I've got many more pieces yet to be photographed where I've used a variety of barks I've been collecting over the years.  What fun it is to finally make the time to work with materials I've been collecting and preserving for so many years!


I'll be presenting this work at Sterling Studio in Indianola next weekend (studio #13 in the brochure).  You may not be in the mood for making big purchases, but this three day event is a great opportunity to visit with many artists in their studios.  Don't worry if you can't fill shopping bags right now.  But instead, you may come away filled with ideas and inspiration for creating art in your own life.

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