Cedar Wing

Cedar Wing

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Warning - Pealing Fig Bark Can Cause a Phototoxic Skin Reaction

Last summer our fig trees needed pruning. So these workers pealed the trimmings last July, using metal butter knives and their nimble fingers.

They created some very inventive pouches which smell like the sweetness of figs to this day.

But one word of warning!  After working with the fresh bark, please wash your hands very well and allow the bark to fully dry before any prolonged skin contact.

One of these dear artists made a bracelet and wore it while the bark was fresh. She sustained burns on her skin exactly where the bracelet made contact.

This toxicity was unknown to me, and I was most sorry.

But this didn't slow down any of these creative folks, and now they are all back in school working on new projects!