Cedar Wing

Cedar Wing

Friday, March 18, 2011

The Signs of Spring

Since the beginning of March, even under the darkness of storm clouds, with flooding rains, and fierce winds that have tested the tallest trees, purging them of their weakest branches, the signs of spring are all around us.

Perhaps because of the darkness overhead, I've been noticing more of the subtle details than ever before. How the leaves of the Indian Plum open first, pointing straight up, and unfurl like a plume of feathers with a cluster of tiny white-bead-flowers hanging down. And oppositely, noticing how the deciduous huckleberry leaves first present themselves facing downward, with a miniature blossom-petal "hat" on top, pale white with a tiny stroke of pink blush.

Deciduous Huckleberry - Not quite blooming...but crimson with anticipation...

...as their tiny pink and white 'caps' appear!

Each circle of seasons we live through, brings another opportunity to experience a new layer of depth and understanding about our place in the scheme of all that lives. We are the witnesses to the sequence and timing of what the living things around us are doing.

Indian Plum with clusters of white blossoms.

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